More than 6+ years of helping businesses improve their IT operations.


10 proprietary products taken to market.


Have placed more than 3000+ high-quality professionals in integral IT roles.

Our Work Flow

Our diverse teams leverage Business, Technology, and Services expertise. As a result, our work includes digital transformation, innovation, ecosystem strategy, and process optimization expertise.

Software Development Life Cycle

CentoTech company follows each stage precisely to deliver world-class error-free software. We have qualified UI/UX designers and developers in various technologies. We work in Python, JAVA, PHP, React.js, Node.js, Angular.js, Golang, etc. Due to its mixed pool of technology developers, we can create a hybrid architecture to support the best of each technology. 

It has experienced QA to maintain the quality of the software throughout the development cycle. It engages the QA professional to keep a tap on quality and also continue with regression testing. CentoTech Services also has a separate DevOps team to make the deployment process continuous and smooth.


Purchasing and customizing the software

The world is changing and moving on to follow microservice architecture. There are many ready-to-use microservices available. So instead of reinventing the wheel, just make the model over it. CentoTech consults and helps to tailor the readily available solution to the exact needs of the client.


CentoTech for your software development services

Skilled Manpower Agile Methodology Documentation Infrastructure DevOps Consulting Maintenance Flexible

CentoTech has a development center in India with a 60+ team strength. It has various skill Engineers including DevOps, QAs and Project Managers.

CentoTech is a strong follower of Agile methodology which gives the client freedom to get the project executed.

CentoTech does end to end documentation which increase confidence in the quality of the product and gives transparent status to all stakeholders.

CentoTech promotes stress-free, healthy and hygienic environment to its employees, this in return gives our client world class products. Happy people deliver better results. It has space for 100+ staff acquisition.

CentoTech has a team of expert DevOps developer to create proper architecture as well as the deployment process.

CentoTech carries dedicated consulting team with 5+ years of experience in the IT industries, they can consult throughout the process as well as in every domain. We can serve as a complete development partner.

We offer free support period with every project as well as we have very cost-effective maintenance contracts.

  1. CentoTech is flexible in adopting any project management tool of client’s preferences. Our company can provide hire developers options, which can work inhouse or onsite based on client’s requirement. Its flexible with working hours, platforms and resource planning.